The title sounds weird, right? Don’t worry it will make sense soon, just keep reading. 

The title sounds weird, right? Don’t worry it will make sense soon, just keep reading. 

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I can say if you don’t take my advice for anything else, you should definitely look into my food recommendations #foodislife. When finding a place to eat I want the atmosphere to be just as good, if not better than my food. It makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Or am I just the odd one out?  

Depending on where in Berlin you visit, you won’t be short of places to eat. That being said Kreuzberg had to have been my favourite place whilst in Berlin. 

Kreuzberg, Berlin

This area is fast becoming the multicultural food hub of Berlin. Walking around the different streets you will not fail to find food you are bound to love — from vegan doughnuts to a boozy brunch. 

Le Bon – €€

This place was voted Best  Brunch 2018, so you already know my taste buds were dancing. The atmosphere is very chilled and the staff are amazing, always willing to help and very attentive. Plus the waiter was fit. Lol 

We ordered the; AVOCADO – LIME – 60 MIN EGG OPEN SANDWICH and SHAKSHUKA and because no meal is complete without dessert we also had the TOASTED BANANA BREAD (highly recommend). 

When the weather is not sub-zero, there is an outdoor area that is transformed to enable people to have a boozy brunch whether its a Tuesday or a Saturday. Their motto, after all, is BRUNCH, LUNCH & BOOZE – definitely my kind of people. 

Kaffeebar – €€ 

This is a very cosy café that is a short walk from the metro. You walk in and you receive the friendly smiles of the baristas, you see people with their laptops out, friends catching up on their lunch break. It felt good to be mingled with the locals away from the busy city centre which had Christmas markets in full effect.

We ordered the eggs Benedict and it was the best €8.80 I’ve ever spent when it comes to food. Next time I am in Berlin I will definitely be back. 

Brammibal’s Donuts – €

For all of my Vegans and non-vegans, this should be #1 on where to eat in Berlin list. Hands down the best doughnut I have EVER tried. For 4 Large doughnuts it was €9 and because the waitress was amazing she gave us an extra one for free. I literally don’t have much to say about this place besides the fact that it is amazing and I wish I went there sooner, rather than on my last day *sheds silent tears*. 

Mitte, Berlin  

House of Small Wonder – €€ 

You walk in and all you see in an indoor garden with a winding staircase leading up to the restaurant. One thing to note is that it is a cash only place. House of Small wonder is great value for your money. I paid €9 for a sandwich, soup and salad – you tell me where in London you would get the equivalent? I’ll wait. 

All I seem to have done was eat and I have no regrets. One of the main reasons I travel is to experience different foods in different parts of the world and Berlin did not fail me. 

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