de alvor para lagos

The name of the town is sometimes confused with the Nigerian city Lagos, however, it is all in the pronunciation. Since I and my family have had our fun in Alvor for the past couple of days, we decided to rent a car and go on the road trip to see what else the Algarve has to offer at this time of year. We were most definitely awestruck with our findings.

Praia do Camilo

When we first arrived we found ourselves at the Praia do Camilo, which is a beautiful small beach, where access to it is only via the 200 steps you have to walk down or by kayak I believe. The journey back up the stairs is the difficult part of the journey, there are even benches along the way, to give people time to breathe and also capture the cinematic views. Once you reach the bottom, you are able to see nature at its finest and all the different caves, created by wind and erosion. Whilst on the beach there is a small caved tunnel which leads you to another part of the back where there you see parts of the cliff that now stands as pillars.

Ponta da Piedade

The next stop which was literally a 2 minute drive from where we were was Ponta da Piedade, here is where we were able to see the Atlantic Ocean from the cliff, looking down below we were able to see hidden beaches, that the only route onto them is via a boat. If you walk around the Ponta da Piedade, you will come across a staircase which has over 180 steps – I was concentrating on my breathing to count all of them. The view of the stairs from above is rather off-putting, walking down like anything is the easy part; but once you get down there the views are spectacular. Some were able to view the rock formations up close as there is a boating service available once you reach the bottom.

Views from Ponta da Piedade

Lastly, on our journey, we found ourselves at Praia da Batata, whereby we just relaxed and unwinded after a long day or exploring. Due to the beauty of the place, it would have been rude if my sister and I did not set up our own photo shoot on the beach.

If you ever visit the Algarve, do stop by Lagos – pictures can only show you so much, it is better to come and see with your own eyes.

Here are some pictures from the day;

The stairs at Ponta da Piedade
View at the bottom of the stairs
View at the bottom of the stairs


Not all of us are in the photo, but this is me and my family at Ponta da Piedade
A quote that caught my eye at Praia da Batata


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