Who knew brunch finishes at 4 pm? I was under the impression it finishes at 3. Regardless myself, my sister and our cousins waited by the bar until the kitchen reopened for dinner, enjoying the last sun rays of summer. The plan for the evening was TBC. I’ve never heard of DIRTY BONES until last Saturday, it was in that moment that I realized the power of social media. I took to Instagram to see if I could get a vibe of the place; it is honestly disturbing and fascinating at how much we rely on social media, never the less I was pleasantly surprised. The food was amazing and honestly very affordable. 

If anyone is planning a visit, the top 5 things on the menu I recommend are: beef short rib, hot wings, cheese burger dumplings, mac n cheese and spicy chicken burger.


BEEF SHORT RIB; succulent meat that literally just falls off the bone
After dinner, we ventured through Brick Lane where we witnessed it come to life as the sky gradually became darker and as if by a struck of magic, we were in the same area as my cousin’s friend who was performing at a gig in Hoxton Square. Where we watched up and coming artists showcase their talent. For me, this was a first, as I’ve never been to the London underground music scene. Sometimes it can be refreshing going off schedule, that is where the most fun occurs. 

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