We now live in the day and age, where we have to pencil in FaceTime calls with our friends and loved ones. Life seems to just keep moving and we are barely keeping up. I recently went to grab some drinks with an old friend that I missed dearly and as we were catching up and walking down memory lane, it got me thinking. When we were younger we had, what felt like all the time in the world and when it came to friends we took them for granted because we knew they would always be there because we would see them the next day at school but as adults all that changes. Peoples lives go into different directions, some stay in your home town to work others move cities, whilst you leave and go off to university or wherever. 

Think of an investor, they put money into an idea that will enable them to generate more profit, now think of a friendship like an investment. By you reaching out whether it be via a text message or a phone call, scheduling times to meet up etc, in return, you are gaining laughter, joy, happiness, love, support, inspiration and so much more. We can gain more from life once we begin to invest in our relationships but remember that it only works if both parties make effort.

The remainder of this month, I challenge you to talk to someone you miss (no ex’s allowed) perhaps an old friend that you lost contact with or a family member you don’t speak to often. You never know what you can gain from it as people change every day. 

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